I hear you ask. Here’s a quick break down of the stuff that makes us tick.

BEING RESOURCEFUL We pride ourselves on being quick and creative thinkers that love to be challenged. We also understand the importance of being practical, efficient and imaginative when running your own business.

HAVING FUN AT WORK. Having fun whilst working is important because food is fun. It’s fun thinking about it, it’s fun making it and it’s fun eating it. If you don’t think food is fun how did you end up here?

SUSTAINABILITY FIRST. Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword that has been green-washed, but we live by the word’s true meaning. Let’s make decisions not based on short-term trends, let’s be conscious of our environment and where our food comes from, and make better, longer lasting choices where possible.

COLLABORATING. Many minds make amazing work. We love working with different teams in a hands-on approach. We truly believe what you put in, is what you get out.

NO SHORT CUTS. Creating and maintaining a high quality product and service means not taking short cuts. Except for when using Kewpie mayonnaise.

BEING HONEST. We don’t have time for fluff or BS in a world where there is an overload of the stuff.