Eat It Up Creative is an innovative food and communications consultancy that makes food shine and brands grow. We work with hospitality businesses and brands that, like us, are not afraid to think differently and who live and breathe good food and wine. And coffee. And doughnuts.

We empower restauranteurs and hospitality entrepreneurs to realise their full creative potential by providing energising ideas, community-building communications and strategic solutions to boost brand awareness and customer loyalty.

We take a holistic approach to business offering a full range of services to assist with the entire customer experience to ensure that all interactions with your brand, from the food you serve to your Facebook posts, are truly next level.

To keep our creative juices flowing we also love collaborating and engaging with food brands and businesses to manage with food related projects including cooking demonstration production, recipe development, food photography and styling and anything else delicious.

Powered by former Masterchef Finalist, Dani Venn and her team of good food gurus, Eat It Up Creative will inspire, connect and grow your brand to reach fist-pump worthy heights. Keen to collaborate? Let’s have coffee.

about dani

Eat it Up Creative is the brainchild of former MasterChef Finalist Dani Venn. From waiter to chef, marketing manager to television host, recipe developer to food blogger, brand ambassador to radio presenter, publicist to personality, Dani has worked in all facets of both the hospitality and media communications industries for the past 13 years.

Dani works with thought leaders and style makers that are equally as obsessed with food as she is and they are damn good at what they do.